Craftmanship plays an important role in the identity of the villages. It makes a huge contribution to the socio-cultural development and the revival and continuance of tradition.

The hostile winter weather of Valdeon, as well as the isolation of this region contributes to neighbours using their spare time to craft a variety of useful objects such as chests, spoons, forks, canes… as well as decorations like flowerpot stands or carved art. Given the large forest area in the region, wood was and still is a well appreciated good to use as lumber and for crafting.

Valdeonissimo wants to show you via this web some original crafts entirely created and sold at CASA RURAL EZKURRA, all made with the waste collected out of pruning done in Picos de Europa National Park. The uniqueness of these items comes from all of them being different since the assembly depends on the wood available for the craft itself.

Flowerpot holder old bikes

These pieces are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration, size is 85x100x40 cm or 33x39x16 inches (height-width-depth) approximately. Made out of different kinds of wood they are robust, durable no matter the weather and they can bear the weight of any flowerpot.

Highly valued unique pieces, already present in three different countries.

Flowerpot holder tricycles

These pieces are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration, size is 30x50x35 cm or 12x20x14 inches (height-width-depth) approximately. Made out of different kinds of wood, they have different finishes with variations in the wheels or the handlebars.

Apart from wood, nature in Valdeon provides with so many other resources that can be used in craftsmanship. Nowadays there are still many neighbours in the area that spend part of their time crafting different items that provide a great ethnographic value to the area.

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